Status update

Something is cooking! I’m working on the desktop version of HoneyDrive, adding new stuff to Kippo-Graph, and fixing some issues with Honeyd2MySQL and Kippo2MySQL scripts. Stay tuned for future releases! (hopefully soon)


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  1. leon

    Nice ! Cant wait to have a shot at it. If you give me a heads-up, i will put a link on the honeynet facebook page

    1. Ion

      Thanks Leon 🙂 (as always)

  2. 1aNormus

    Looking forward to the release. Been having great results with my current instance.

    1. Ion

      Hello Ian.

      HoneyDrive will be ready in a few days I think. The new Kippo-Graph (0.7.3) was released today if you want to check it out 🙂


  3. p4r4n0id

    Hi! May I have a short chat with you regarding new features for your kippo-graph? I’ve got some ideas!

    1. Ion

      Hello p4r4n0id. You have mail 😉

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