SSH honeypot workshop @ BSides London 2013

Long time honeypot enthusiast, BruteForce Lab’s Blog reader and Kippo-Graph ideas contributor Leon van der Eijk, is giving a workshop on SSH honeypots during Bsides London 2013, using Kippo and Kippo-Graph. Here is the announcement from The Honeynet Project website:

At the last BruCON conference in Ghent last year I had the pleasure to talk to Soraya (Iggi), Bsides London co-organizer. She convinced me into submitting a workshop proposal for the Bsides London 2013.

And guess what, it got accepted.

So I will be doing a workshop on setting up a basic kippo SSH honeypot from Upi Tamminen ( and if time permits, using Ioannis Koniaris (Ion) kippo visualization tool kippo-graph (

Bsides London will be held on April 24th 2013 at Kensington and Chelsea Town Hall

Hope to see/meet/talk and share drinks !

Leon van der Eijk

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