Kippo-Graph 0.5.1 released.

As you may have noticed I have included a version checking function, so you can get a text msg on the index page if there is a new version of Kippo-Graph. In order to do that your system has to get the contents of which is a text file with the current/latest version number and compare it against a ‘version’ definition declared in Kippo-Graph. This works nice in theory, but someone raised the concern of privacy, because the honeypot’s IP gets logged.

For this reason I’m releasing a “fixed” version of Kippo-Graph, leaving the feature in place, but including a UPDATE_CHECK YES/NO directive inside config.php (default: NO) along with a warning detailing the choice, and if the user wants to have the feature enabled then he can change that to YES.

Kippo-Graph 0.5.1 is finally released under GPLv3 as well. Details at LICENSE.txt.

Starting from this version CHECKSUMS for the .tar file will be posted along with the archive for verification purposes.

Download the “fixed” Kippo-Graph, version 0.5.1 here: kippo-graph-0.5.1

MD5 Checksum: 4F017814F53F5EF47018A62BF80C04F9
SHA-1 Checksum: 652EC2A3B225BF5EC9CE3A086C440C79F489EF98

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  1. Wonderful! I’ll update my post about this 🙂

  1. […] Update: The author has since released an updated version with the update check (calling home) turned off my default: […]

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