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Dec 07 2012

0 | Zero – A documentary about hacking in Greece

Nov 25 2012

Christmas gifts for the security enthusiast!

Holidays are coming… 🙂 Time for prayers for some, time for gifts for others. Cyber geeks don’t always approve the usual presents though. They must get something intriguing, something that will make them gain knowledge or skills. So, here is a small gift list I’m trying to compile for security enthusiasts: 1. A new (cheap) …

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Oct 29 2012

Guide to an easier thesis writing

This is a somewhat irrelevant post, but after getting “some” experience on thesis writing I thought I should share what I learned, as a future reference for me but others as well. Finding the topic and selecting the exact subject is only the beginning. Producing a good final deliverable is not a trivial task and …

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Oct 26 2012

deltaHacker season 02 promo video

Oct 21 2012

deltaHacker season 02 promo video

Oct 09 2012

First try with DD-WRT

After seeing a relevant article by @giannoug written for deltaHacker magazine, I decided to finally give the whole upgrade-your-router-for-free business a shot, since it had been on my plans for quite some time now. First things first, I looked around for a good yet affordable router that is compatible with DD-WRT (and/or OpenWrt/Tomato if possible). …

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Sep 22 2012

An overview of the Greek computer underground

PART 1: Phrack magazine, issue 67: PART 2: Phrack magazine, issue 68: by two (not really) anonymous G(r)eeks –