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Adding an HP printer to BackTrack 5

I recently had to install an HP LaserJet 1022 printer to my BackTrack 5 r3 installation. Turns out that printing is not working out of the box. I had in mind from a previous experience that you need at least CUPS, a driver for your printer and/or perhaps a ppd file. Fortunately in the case …

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CSIS: Raising the Bar for Cybersecurity

How to graphically control a remote machine

Having a number of machines at different locations makes control, sync, or special process creation a difficult task depending on the circumstances. Many times you just want to take control of the remote machine and administer it using a GUI like you would do if seating in front of it. This was my case the …

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4o StudentGuru Patras event – Επιθέσεις και ασφάλεια υπολογιστών

SSH honeypot workshop @ BSides London 2013

Long time honeypot enthusiast, BruteForce Lab’s Blog reader and Kippo-Graph ideas contributor Leon van der Eijk, is giving a workshop on SSH honeypots during Bsides London 2013, using Kippo and Kippo-Graph. Here is the announcement from The Honeynet Project website: At the last BruCON conference in Ghent last year I had the pleasure to talk …

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The DEFCON Documentary Preview Reel

Nasty WP 3.5 problem

So… I upgraded to WordPress 3.5 today and unfortunately became a victim of the now widespread problem of dynamic content (javascript/jquery, etc) handling. To make it simple, the post editor was gone and no content was showing when trying to add new or edit existing posts and pages. To everyone experiencing the same problem, you …

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