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BlackHat USA 2012 – Owning Bad Guys (and Mafia) with Javascript Botnets

Christiaan008: The Honey project and CIC News Engine

Disable mod_security with htaccess

If you too have searched online for a way to disable ModSecurity using htaccess you know the pain. Every blog/forum post is either old and not applicable anymore or unintentionally deceiving. So, to save you some time, here is the simplest way to disable ModSecurity using htaccess. Let’s assume that you have a specific virtual host …

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Honeypot Workshop @ BruCON 2013

It’s that time of the year again, when security enthusiasts gather to Belgium to participate in one of the most successful security conferences in Europe: BruCON 2013. This year, and after some fellow honeypot enthusiasts suggested to me that I should, I submitted an application to present a honeypots workshop. And I have some good …

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How to resize an EC2 root partition

Apparently, MongoDB needs at least ~3GB of free space to initialize and start. This required resizing the root partition of a couple of Amazon EC2 instances. Fortunately, this is an easy procedure! Here are the steps followed: 1. Go to the Instances management interface and stop the instance in question. Take note of the availability …

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AthCon Trailer 2013